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How It Works

Step 1

Your energy bill has 2 main parts: Delivery & Supply.

Delivery means distributing the energy i.e. via transmission lines.

Supply refers to the actual energy purchased.

Step 2

Just like your utility, companies like Eligo can also buy electricity on the open market, usually more efficiently, passing the savings to your.

Think of us as "Costco for energy."

Step 3

When you choose an electricity supplier, your utility company will still send you the bill, but the supply part will come from Eligo Energy. Your utility stills handle everything else, like reading the meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose You?

Eligo Energy is a direct supplier, not a broker: our prices are lower because they do not include additional markups.

Why Should I Lock In the Rates ?

Who Is Eligo Energy?

Energy rates are near multi-year lows — lock your rate and avoid price increases in the future.

Eligo Energy is an authorized electricity supplier, BBB A+ accredited, and currently over 100,000 customers nationwide.

We provide a custom price to each customer, based on historical usage and other factors. Currently we are getting ready to launch our services in New Jersey.

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Important Information

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